First, let me state for the record that I’m all three of the above.

  1. I’m old.
  2. I’m white.
  3. I’m a guy.

But I’m mystified by many of my wizened, doddering fellow geezers, the ones who support President Caligula and embrace his gibbering idiocy.


How can they possibly, even theoretically, support this amoral monster?

But they do. In mystifying millions, codger lemmings trooped to the ballot box last year and voted for an unhinged blighter, a loathsome lowlife with no sense of history or empathy or appreciation for the arts.

The Pew Research website notes that 63 percent of white men voted for Caligula. I also found that 66.6 percent of all white people 65 and older voted for this monster.

What is wrong with people? Sure, every politician of both parties has his or her foibles and faults but Caligula’s utter evil is exponentially worse than anybody else who has ever before slithered on our national political stage.

I’m in a constant state of consternation and concern. I’ll never come to terms with his election. I’ll never get over it. It’s a stunning indictment of America and Americans.

Wherever I turn, though, I find his supporters and enablers. No matter how crude or greedy or heartless or inarticulate he is they support him. Why?

It’s more than an indictment of America. His election is an indictment of the human race.

Specifically, to stay on point, why do so many white men support this demagogue who couldn’t spell demagogue?

I don’t know. I’m profoundly troubled as well as puzzled.

Caligula’s supporters are everywhere I turn, especially in Florida.

I worked out at my gym in Fort Myers Sunday morning and noticed from the elliptical machine where I was trudging away that every TV in the cardio room was apparently tuned to Fox News. Could that be? Every one? When I stepped off the machine I walked down the row of elliptical machines and stationary bikes and rowing machines to confirm my impression and counted the sets that were tuned to Fox News.

Eleven sets were on and all 11 had Fox on, blaring its vile propaganda at the old white guys in the gym pedaling away on their stationary bikes or plodding along on treadmills or pumping away on elliptical machines.

Such is the way of so many old white guys. …

A couple of days ago I had a chat with an old white guy neighbor who talked about Rush. Just Rush. No last name needed.

I’m sure he assumed I’m a fan of Rush because I’m old and white and a guy. Not even close.

This neighbor prattled on about Rush’s wise analysis of the “alleged” global warming crisis. My neighbor accepted whatever uninformed nonsense Rush was pushing on the airwaves.

It’s Rush. He must be right. What about science and scientists? I imagine the neighbor would never listen to a scientist.

Old white guys listen to Rust, a peddler of bilious bombast. I guess many of my fellow geezers prefer bilious bombast to science and facts and reason.

Since Caligula’s election I don’t look at old white guys the same. Perhaps two thirds of us voted for him. Now, I tend to pre-judge old white dudes.

Is he one of Them? Did he vote for Caligula?

I’ll never understand Them. But I’m safe from their wrath because I look like Them. I look like a Caligula supporter.

But I’m not. Not even close. It’s a moral imperative to speak out against Caligula. That’s what I’ll do as long as I can.

Meanwhile, I remain in that constant state of consternation.

I’ve been white and a guy my whole life and have been old now for several years.

But I’ll never understand Them.

What is wrong with old white guys?