To: Post-America historians and archeologists

From: An American in 2017

Subject: The end of the United States of America


I don’t know how you found this artifact in the rubble of America, in whatever dystopian hellscape remains of a country destroyed by greed and stupidity. But I’m glad you did. It won’t help anything now or in the future but it is somehow comforting clinging to a perhaps delusional prospect that someday somebody might stumble upon this blog post.

Decent Americans of my time want posterity to know a few things as future generations sift through the debris of a once great country. It’s important that you understand that many Americans were appalled by the 2016 election of a slavering, slouching, leering, bullying, gibbering, grasping bounder and cretin to the land’s highest office.

By time somebody reads this in some unknown distant date, you and the remaining residents of this continent may speak Russian.

Maybe when you find this in 50 or 100 or 200 years what used to be the United States of America will have descended into a post-literate society, an idiocracy where few people can speak or write, where they grunt and nod and have no understanding of any language. Maybe they’ll be able to make stick drawings on cave walls. Maybe.

That seems to be the goal of the current administration, a gaggle of goons and crooks, a veritable kakistocracy. That’s a fancy word many Americans have learned recently. It means a country run by, according to one definition, “the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous citizens.”

The administration is filled with folks who hate public education and public television and radio. They hate journalists and journalism.

They appear to hate anything that inspires people to think or question their draconian cuts to education and environmental research that might stave off climate change. When you read this, the world is likely far different than it is now.

There was a chance in 2017 to help alleviate or stall the effects of climate change. Nearly every country in the world tried. Nearly every country, that is except for a few rogue states such as this one.

The greed and shortsighted power grabs of this administration are apparent to many of us here in 2017. But not enough of us. How else did President Caligula and his co-conspirators in Congress get elected?

Enough people swallowed his babbling, blithering nonsense to elect him.

I pray in your day there are historians, archeologists, biologists and engineers. If not I’m wasting my time here in the spring of 2017. This may be a futile gesture reaching out to future residents of the land if nobody is literate or historically or scientifically curious.

This is a terrifying and puzzling time, here in 2017. Your studies may have led to your discovery that the 45th and final president of the United States reveled in ignorance and spouting inarticulate nonsense to a country where many lapped up his few words. Many liked his base appeals to fear and ignorance and hate. You may have learned he was a sub-literate sub-human with the vocabulary of a particularly slow-witted first grader.

So many of us here early in the 21st century have been puzzled by the circumstances that led to the rise of an ignorant, arrogant lout to the highest office in the land.



As you’ve researched through whatever remains of our culture perhaps you’ve been puzzled as well. How can this be explained?

How can a country elect as its leader a monumentally unhinged, profoundly inarticulate lout, a character with contempt for decency, good manners, a well-turned phrase, history and science?

I don’t know.

I’ve told my friends here in 2017 his election is the biggest disgrace in the country’s history since the days when slavery was legal here.

Maybe in your research through musty archives you’ve come across references to this loathsome character, a monster of Godzilla-like proportions, a 21st century version of Caligula and Nero.

His name is so repulsive to many Americans in 2017 that we’ve stopped using it. It’s vile, ugly beyond any curse word the language can summon. Even now, as I’m reaching out to some future that may not exist I can’t bring myself to type the monster’s name.

As the calendar is about to turn to summer, it’s been nearly five months since his inauguration.

All through a long election process it was clear as he skulked and slithered and scuttled across the political landscape that he was monumentally unqualified for the office.

Yet, tens of millions of Americans embraced this bottom-feeding blighter.



Those of us with some respect for science and facts and the language and common decency haven’t come to terms with this. We don’t get it. We simply don’t get it.

I don’t know what will remain of our culture for you to research but maybe you’ll figure it out.

I never have.

Here’s a galoot who mocked the disabled, groped women, cheated people, couldn’t speak or type, had no intellectual curiosity or empathy for others or basic knowledge of geography, military matters, the sciences and so much more.

Yet, this country, in its infinite stupidity, determined that this monstrous character should be its leader.

Maybe in your world in the distant future knowledge and wisdom and decency and empathy and intellectual curiosity are valued. I certainly hope so.

Then maybe you’ll have a chance to survive.

It’s why we didn’t.

Good luck to you.

Don’t make the same mistake we made.

Choose wisely.