I’m 64 years old and never really, truly hated anybody before.

But I do now. I hate President Whathisname unreservedly, completely and without a tinge of regret or hint of apology.

It’s a moral imperative to hate the Monster-in-Chief. You don’t like it? Unfriend me. Leave my blog. I’m not apologizing. Never.

It’s the duty of every even marginally decent and patriotic American to speak out against this traitorous, un-American lout, this steaming, festering and pestilential pile of sewage rotting and gnawing away at everything that America used to represent.

At education and environmental protection and treating workers with the slightest suggestion of fair play and rational foreign policy.

I can’t watch the news anymore or read the front pages of newspapers. His smug, smirking face is too disgusting to bear. He is as inarticulate as one of Tony Soprano’s goons, one of the fictional Mafioso’s less intelligent hit men.

How can anybody listen to whatshisname attempting to speak? How can anybody tolerate his intolerance or accept his relentless appeals to the lowest common denominator?

I don’t get it. I’ll never get it.

Kathy recently told me that somebody stopped following me because of my comments on President Caligula. I don’t care. I don’t care if I wind up without one Facebook friend or blog follower. I don’t care if I wind up friendless and homeless and hungry and dirty. I don’t care.

Whathisname’s election trumps, if you will, everything. Every American with the slightest shred of decency needs to speak out against whatshisname.

One way of doing that for me is refusing to use his name. It’s been several months now and I refuse to say or type the name.

I didn’t always hate him. That was, of course, before I realized the depths of his depravity. It was probably late in 2015 or early 2016 when a woman I know posted something positive about him on Facebook.

I naturally assumed she was kidding and replied with a comment about her amusing post. I was wrong. How could anybody even for a moment consider supporting this carnival barker, this sideshow opportunist and gibbering monument to greed and intellectual vacuity?

She wasn’t kidding. She was serious. I was stunned that anybody could support whatshisname.

That’s another reason to hate whathisname. His election showed me a dark heart of America I refused to believe existed on such an enormous scale. His election also revealed that America’s so-called evangelicals are the biggest lot of hypocrites in world history.

Yes, I hate whatshisname.

I still encounter his defenders, people who spout nonsense like how he’s looking out for the middle class.

Anybody who believes that for one second probably believes in the Easter Bunny and tooth fairy.

I hate him for so many reasons. I hate him because of his contempt for science and the arts and journalism and class and decency and learning and facts and reason and history.

I’ve hated other public figures, usually tyrants from history – Hitler, Stalin and Mao spring to mind. But they and their mass murder have never been part of my daily life.

I hate terrorists, murders and child molesters. That hate is in a more general form, one fueled by specific acts too unspeakable to describe. That hate isn’t an omnipresent part of my daily life the way the president is here in 2017.

The repugnant characters that whathisname surrounds himself with speaks volumes about his lack of character. What sort of common street gangster wants the sycophantic likes of Bannon, Conway, Spicer, deVos and Pence part of his or her daily life?

Well, he whose name I shan’t utter does.

Finally, here is another reason to hate this slouching beast – his coarsening of national discourse. Whatsname’s dystopian, inarticulate speeches stand in stark contrast to all his White House predecessors.

I’m reminded of this line from Abraham Lincoln’s first inauguration speech in 1861: “The mystic chords of memory will swell when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.”

As long as whatshisname remains in the White House, the better angels of our nature will be silenced, bullied, ridiculed, ostracized and marginalized.

It will be nice someday to again have a president who appeals to the better angels of our nature.

Until then, we’re stuck with whatshisname.