Chicago Knights manager Ron Dearth spotted an Inside Pitch representative wandering around the PDC on Sunday. Dearth told him about a “great story.”

One of his players, a Chicago police officer named Jose Sanchez, had recently saved a 3-year-old boy.

“The kid wasn’t breathing,” Dearth said.

The life-saving rescue was chronicled in the Chicago media. A Google search showed that and local network news affiliates in Chicago carried the story about Sanchez and a probationary office named Tone Trujillo saving a boy.

“Very rewarding,” Sanchez said. “It makes up for all the other accidents we have to deal with.”

Sanchez was standing outside the third base dugout at PDC 4 a few minutes before his team played the Tennessee Dirtbags. He talked a bit like a police officer and also a father as he described what happened in a home on West Gladys Avenue.

“We responded to an unresponsive 3-year-old kid,” Sanchez said. “Upon arrival, my partner, Trujillo, a probationary police officer, exited the vehicle and he ran into the house. … He started CPR on the kid. The mom was distraught. I grabbed the mom and comforted her.”

Trujillo did chest compressions on the child.

“He kept going,” Sanchez said. “I kept encouraging him. Keep going, Tone. Like I’m telling a third base coach, keep going. … Just keep going. I was telling him, ‘Don’t stop, don’t stop.’ He continued the chest compressions and we got a pulse.

“The kid was cold. His pupils were dilated. There was actually no pulse whatsoever. We got a pulse.’

It was a harrowing call.

“He was on the floor in the living room area,” Sanchez said of the boy.

The child had swallowed something.

“We don’t know what he took,” said Sanchez, the father of two sons, Jeremy, 22, and 19-year-old Brandon.

A Chicago Fire Department ambulance arrived and transported the boy to the West Suburban Medical Center. The kid is now alive thanks to Sanchez and Trujillo.

Sanchez led off Sunday morning’s game with a double to left-center.

That was far from the most important thing he’s done recently.