Enough already.
Please stop.
For all that is decent and humane somebody must stop the Meme Scourge! It’s become an infestation of overbearing cuteness, a plague of twaddle and claptrap masquerading as wisdom.
I rarely use exclamation marks and consider them the punctuation mark of amateurs.
But enough is enough!
If somebody ran for president pledging to limit Facebook memes he or she would have my vote and if I had any money I’d contribute to the campaign.
How’s this for a campaign slogan? A chicken in every pot and only one meme per person per day.
Every time I go to Facebook, which is way too often, there is another meme of some sort jumping off the screen and grabbing me around the throat.
The infernal memes can be clumped into three broad categories – cloying, insipid or pretentious.
Now wait, you say, haven’t I shared and commented upon memes? Yes, I have
But what I find cloying another may find charming.
What I find insipid others may find insightful.
What I find pretentious others may find intellectually astute.
And I do, indeed, find some memes clever or witty or interesting so I comment or share.
Can Facebook provide a filter to protect me from the inane memes and allow through only the quality ones?
And how do you define and separate the two? You got me.
The other meme development that is out of control these days are the ones based on TV shows or movies or novels.
You know what I mean. Things such as the following:
What Flintstone character are you?
What extra from the background crowd shot of the chariot race in “Ben-Hur” are you?
What character from “War and Peace” are you?
I don’t care.
I played this game once or twice and it grew tiresome very swiftly.
I’m waiting for versions of this game like the following:
Which mass murderer are you?
Ted Bundy
Charles Manson
Jack the Ripper
Oh, what grand fun that would be as friends discuss why one got Manson and the other got Bundy.
Or maybe one has been developed that asks this:
Which 20th century tyrant are you?
Adolf Hitler?
Joseph Stalin?
Mao Zedong?
You got Stalin? Bummer. I thought you were more like Mao.
So what am I going to do about any of this?
Absolutely nothing.
I’ll just wince and skim past the cloying, insipid and pretentious memes.
And how do I define them anyhow?
I can’t. Whatever definition I have for the offending memes is written in shifting sand on a windy day.
What irks me today I may find amusing tomorrow.
What I find amusing today may drive me to distraction tomorrow.
Just don’t ask me to play that thing where people ask, What member of the Bay City Rollers are you?
Or which of the Three Stooges?
Or which cast member of the Little Rascals?
That is all.
Thank you for your time and keep those cloying, insipid and pretentious memes coming.