The state of our state’s professional football teams is even sorrier than portrays it. And that’s saying more than a Ted Cruz filibuster.

This headline was recently posted on deadspin:  Florida Ruined the NFL.

From the story: “Sterilize the entire state of its NFL teams as you would an MRSA contamination.”

The story detailed some of the recent sad sack displays of football, Richie Incognito’s behavior and two teams with one win apiece. First, I have to thank Facebook friend Scott Butherus, who posted the piece, which, in turn, gave me the idea for this blog post.

Anyhow, most fans know the Bucs and Jags are both 1-8. Tampa Bay’s only win was over the 4-5 Dolphins, who appear to be in some free fall death spiral in the wake of the Incognito-Jonathan Martin imbroglio.

I got curious and did some checking. This misbegotten season with a combined record of 6-21 is not an aberration for these franchises.


• All three teams had losing records in 2012.

• All three teams had losing records in 2011.

• Only once since 2008 has even one of the teams had a winning record – The Bucs were 10-6 in 2010.

• Since 2009, the Jags are 23-50, the Dolphins are 31-42 and the Bucs are 25-48.

• That’s a combined record of 79-140.

• Since 2004, the teams have combined for 11 double-loss seasons and there will likely be two more this year.

• The Jags have never won a Super Bowl.

• The Bucs only Super Bowl appearance and win came at the end of the 2002 season.

• The Dolphins haven’t been in a Super Bowl since the 1984 season and haven’t won one since the 1973 team won the 1974 Super Bowl, 40 years ago.

• How many playoff wins do these three teams have in the past 10 years? One. The Jags beat the Steelers 31-29 in a 2007 wild card playoff.

• The Dolphins haven’t been in the playoffs since 2008 and haven’t won a playoff game since 2000.

• The Bucs haven’t won a postseason game since their Super Bowl.

• Maybe this is a Y2K problem. The whole 21st century thing hasn’t been kind, for the most part, to these teams, other than the biggie – the Bucs winning a Super Bowl. They’ve combined so far for 10 winning seasons out of a possible 39.

• These teams are losing on merit in 2013. The Bucs and Jags have two worst offenses statistically. And they’re the bottom two in scoring.

• On the plus side, the season will end Dec. 29.

• Also on the plus side, Florida State is ranked No. 2 and will likely play in the BCS title game.

• Also on the plus side, once this awful season ends, spring training will be right around the corners. And pitchers and catchers will be reporting to Florida ballparks. Meanwhile, Florida’s sad sack NFL franchises continue their slog to Dec. 29.

Happy new year, Richie Incognito, wherever you are.